Lunch & Dinner

We proudly source local produce whenever possible to highlight the best of the seasons.All our eggs, chicken, pork and beef are 100% pasture-raised & sourced from small, sustainable local farms.

BF farms / 413 Farms / Prairie Creek Farms / 4 C AG / Circleculture Farm
Marak’s Family Farm / Lovera’s / Happy Hens / Looney Farm/ Big Sky / LGR / Crowe

CHARCUTERIE BOARD country pâté, gravlax, seasonal sausage, pickles, chutney, mustard, cheeses, crostini $16/26

FRITTO MISTO market vegetables, turmeric tempura, roasted garlic aioli - V* $10

Hatch red chile WINGS smoked, fried, blue cheese - GF $10

Masa GRIT CAKES, black bean purée, pickled squash, avocado crema - GF V $9

Scallion TACOS, braised pork, gochujang, pickled onions $11

Smoked Steelhead TROUT DIP, sea salt kettle chips - GF $12

FALAFEL, spinach & lemony chickpeas, hummus, tapenade, flatbread - V* $13

Blue masa, KIELBASA corn dog, spicy honey mustard $8

Squash CAPRESE, heirloom tomato, basil, ricotta, parmigiano crisp, peach & honey gastrique $9

Crispy smashed FINGERLINGS sea salt, garlic aioli - GF V* $5/7

Local Greens, carrot crisps, fried onions, pickled onions, tahini vinaigrette - GF V $6

COBB bacon, tomatoes, red onions, jammy egg, blue cheese, avocado, ranch - GF $12
ADD confit chicken $4

Cold SOBA NOODLES, peanut sauce, mushrooms, carrots, peanuts - V $10

Smoked SALMON, heirloom tomatoes, green beans, caltraveos olives,fingerlings, jammy egg, arugula, lemon vinaigrette - GF $13

B-MLT sourdough, tomatoes, greens, basil aioli, bacon or crispy ‘shrooms - V*$12
ADD pimento cheese $2

Chicken paillard SANDWICH, lime, honey, cojita, chipotle aioli slaw $12

Della Terra PASTA, special - $MKT

CRAB CAKES, micro greens, yogurt cucumber gazpacho - $18

BUDDHA BOWL quinoa, mushrooms, market vegetables, dried apricots, tahini vinaigrette - GF V $12

Fried CHICKEN leg and thigh, creamy blue cheese grits, pickles - GF $14

Braised PORK SHOLDER, roasted carrots, basmati rice, crispy pork belly, boo choy $15

ROOSTER BURGER mayo, mustard, grilled onion, pickles, melty gooey cheese $10
ADD Bacon $3 Double Patty $6

BANANA SPLIT brûléed, peanut butter ice cream, pretzel brittle $8

Sparkling SORBET seasonal sorbet topped with bubbly - V $7

POUND CAKE, blue cheese ICE CREAM, blackberry compote, salted honey comb. - $9

GF - Gluten-Free | V - Vegan | V* - Can be made Vegan
*Menu changes with the seasons.



Bruleed OATMEAL creme anglaise, seasonal fruit, honey, lime zest- GF V* $8

PANCAKES pink peppercorn & fennel compound butter, sea salt, bourbon maple syrup $9

HOLEY ROLLERS Fritter of the week - V $5

AFFOGATO house ice cream with cold brew $8


CROQUE A DOODLE DO bechamel, gruyere, shaved ham, confit chicken, runny egg, greens $15

Blue Corn MIGAS New Mexican chili, avocado, blue corn chip, egg or tofu scramble - GF V* $12

AVOCADO tartine, pickled shallots, radish, microgreens, ADD an egg $2 - V $10

Smoked SALMON tartine, whipped cream cheese, capers, preserved lemon, dill, poached egg $15

OMELETTE, Our chef’s make you a magical 3 egg omelette based off what we purchased from our wonderful Paseo farmer’s market- GF $13


All served lovingly on an English Muffin baked by our pals @HoleyRollers

FLORENTINE spinach, portobellos, asparagus, avocado crema, egg or tofu - V* $13

ROSEMARY HAM heirloom tomato, hollandaise, poached egg $12

CRAB cake, horseradish & thyme bavaroise, poached egg $15


B-MLT sourdough, tomatoes, greens, basil aioli, bacon or crispy ‘shrooms - V* $12

BUDDHA BOWL quinoa, seasonal veggies, maitake mushroom, tahini - V* $13

COLD SOBA NOODLES peanut sauce, mushrooms, carrots, crushed peanuts - V* $10

Brunch COBB house bacon, red onion, tomatoes, jammy egg, avocado blue cheese, ranch $12

Brunch BURGER, mayo mustard aioli, grilled onion, pickles, melty gooey cheese $10

ADD bacon $3 DOUBLE patty $6

ADD an egg or tofu $2


POTATOES wonderful fried potatoes seasoned - GF V $4

EGGS 2 eggs anyway you like it (or tofu scramble) GF V* $4

BACON house made, 4 slices $6

SAUSAGE house made, maple & chili 2 patties $6


GF - Gluten-Free | V - Vegan | V* - Can be made Vegan
*Menu changes with the seasons.